Why Is Outdoor Noise Control Important?

Staying compliant with a local noise ordinance is a huge part of the reason that businesses use noise barriers to help minimize offensive sounds. Employee safety and equipment health are more reasons to keep excessive noise to a minimum. Protecting people and the environment tops that list as well.

Why Is Outdoor Noise Control Important

Major Contributors of Offensive Outdoor Sounds

  • Traffic
  • Generators
  • Air conditioning units
  • Utility substations
  • Natural gas compressor stations
  • Big Box stores
  • Highways
  • Construction equipment like jackhammers and drills
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Sports arenas
  • Raceways
  • Bus terminals

The Use of Noise Mitigation Methods To Eliminate Sound

New technologies and research have led to the development of sound-absorption treatments that do more than just bounce sound around like reflective concrete barriers. These systems “trap” the noise inside the wall where it is taken on a trip through sound dampening materials that reduce the effect of sound waves before allowing them to exit with a much lesser effect. These walls are called absorptive sound barriers because they absorb the sound instead of reflecting it like traditional concrete walls.

Benefits of Sound Absorbing Walls

  • Minimize the effect of sound on neighbors
  • Protect the health of local wildlife and habitats
  • Improve employee hearing safety
  • Reduce health problems associated with noise such as increased stress, irritability, and blood pressure
  • Improve overall mood
  • Comply with local noise ordinances
  • Keep local wildlife safe

Why Noise Mitigation Is So Important

power plan noise reduction barrier

The Environmental Protection Agency* says that commercial equipment produces noise that puts the health of the public in danger. People can suffer long term effects from loud sounds including reduced sleep and mood swings. These negative effects impact work and home life creating problems like violent outbursts, constant bickering, inability to pay attention, blood pressure rises, heart disease, and the potential for death.

Minimizing Excessive Noise to Improve The Environment For Residents

The National Institute of Health** says that the longer a person is subjected to loud noises, the more harm happens. The closer a person is to the source of the offensive sound, the more dangerous the effects of the noise. When one cannot get away from the train tracks down the block or the highway behind the house, then something must happen to protect the public.

Absorptive barriers get rid of the sound from traffic along Interstates and major thoroughfares. The reduction of offensive sounds makes it much more enjoyable for people in residential areas allowing them to spend more time outdoors. Families can walk to the park or ride bicycles without dealing with noise when well-designed, sound-absorptive sound walls are used to eliminate unwanted sounds.

Profound Effects From Noise Pollution

The NIH says that more people are suffering death from heart disease caused by noise pollution. Reducing the levels of sound that affect the public is more vital now than ever with new technologies like cell phones that can produce more than 85 decibels of noise, the level at which hearing loss occurs. The NIH says that mobile devices can output as much as 105 decibels on high volume.

Noise-absorptive sound barriers for residential and commercial kill noise instead of reflecting it. These walls make life more enjoyable, safer, and convenient for residents living near Interstates, large retail outlets, and factories.




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