Environmental Noise and Sleep Disturbance

Improvement over No-barrier

Eventually, everyone’s sleep suffers from the many different sources of excessive outdoor noise.  But did you ever consider what happens when you lose sleep night after night? How much does a noisy night's sleep affect your health, and is there anything that can be done to minimize such sleep … [Read more...]

Local Restaurants Deal With High Sound Levels

local restaurant deals with high sound levels

You may not think of sound absorbing panels when you contemplate going out to eat or for cocktails with friends. An outdoor garden with a wall may not be your idea of a fun atmosphere, but what if it is incorporated beautifully. … [Read more...]

Why Is Outdoor Noise Control Important?

Why Is Outdoor Noise Control Important

Staying compliant with a local noise ordinance is a huge part of the reason that businesses use noise barriers to help minimize offensive sounds. Employee safety and equipment health are more reasons to keep excessive noise to a minimum. Protecting people and the environment tops that list as well. … [Read more...]

Understanding How Sound Walls Work

Understanding how sound walls work

Many things cause unwanted noise like traffic and construction. Some sounds are not always thought of as offensive, but they can exceed a comfortable sound level. Examples of this are playgrounds at recess, large gatherings and parties, commercial air conditioning units, warehouse noise, factories, … [Read more...]